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Yahoo provides a great email service which works flawlessly. It also has a search engine but here we will only talk about the yahoo mail. it is loaded with a feature which makes email sending and receiving easy. The most common question users have with Yahoo email services are: 


1.    Why does Yahoo analyze my communication content? 

Yahoo uses its automated system to analyze your communications content in order to  identify spam and malware and ii) provide personally relevant product features to you. 


Read the guide to know about the Yahoo- Yahoo Support


2.    Is Yahoo mail safe for privacy? 

Yahoo is guaranteed safe, in the case of attack your personal data will not be targeted. it is totally safe for the daily usage but it is not advised to store your personal information on the web 


3.    How to delete my yahoo account? 


You can permanently delete your yahoo account easily by heading into settings of your account and there you will see the option for deleting the account for deactivating it. Your yahoo account can also be automatically deleted if it is inactive for more than the 12 months 


4.    How to change my Yahoo account password? 

You can also change your Yahoo password after going to the account setting, there you will see the password option then you have to type your old password and an option to input new password two time 


5.    Can Yahoo whitelist my ID? 

NO, you can’t Yahoo doesn’t have a program for white listing your email address 


6.    How to check if your yahoo account has been hacked? 


If you are not receiving any email or your contact are receiving emails from you which you haven’t send then in that you have to change your password immediately because your account has been hacked. 


These are most common question that users have with  the yahoo mail and if you have any other question with yahoo mail or any issues which you are facing with Yahoo mail services then you can contact the Yahoo Customer Support team for helping to clear your query  


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